About this Framework

The Public Sector Legal Services framework (Contract ref‐ CPC/DU/LS/03) is an EU compliant framework for a comprehensive suite of Legal Services available for use by any organisation within the Public Sector throughout the United Kingdom. It is a proactive, best value, collaborative framework that is accessible to public sector organisations through 14 geographical Lots, delivering an organisation’s entire requirements for Legal Services.

Public Sector organisations should note that if they wish to benefit from the excellent services and rates available under this framework (whether the selected supplier is the current supplier or not) they must inform the supplier that they are procuring under the framework, quoting the framework name and reference number.

Framework Summary

The framework represents a best value route to market. Full details of the framework can be found within this guide and on the Public Sector Legal Services Framework portal.

The framework agreement is designed to be a one‐stop shop for an organisation’s requirements for Legal Services. It has 13 geographical lots, each covering an area of the United Kingdom, and a general National One‐Stop‐Shop lot covering the entire United Kingdom.

The Legal Services available under each Lot can be defined into four categories:


Human Resources

Academy Conversion and Post Conversion

(It should be noted that Academy Conversion and Post Conversion services are not available under Lots 6, 9, 12 and 13, as the academy programme is not relevant to these geographical regions.)

Other Legal Services

It should be noted that the above Legal Services do not represent an exhaustive list of the services that are available under each category. Other related services may be sourced as requirements dictate.